3D Design Studio
jbradley 1 year ago

Click on the printer of your choice to watch the attached camera and see the progress of your print in real time.
(Note: Not all of the cameras are currently online.)

Picture of Calvin

Calvin (Lulzbot Taz 5)

Picture of Hobbes

Hobbes (Lulzbot Taz 5)

Picture of The Sound

The Sound (Printrbot Simple Metal)

Picture of The Fury

The Fury (Printrbot Simple Metal)

Picture of Waldorf

Waldorf (Flashforge Creator Pro)

Picture of Statler

Statler (Flashforge Creator Pro)

Picture of Sagan

Carl Sagan (Rostock Max v2)

Picture of Tyson

Neil D. Tyson (Rostock Max v2)

Picture of Itchy

Itchy (Formlabs Form 2)

Picture of Scratchy

Scratchy (Formlabs Form 2)

Picture of Ziggy

Ziggy Stardust (Griffin XL Pro)